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WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: StoryWorth Sweeps the RootsTech Innovator Showdown

SALT LAKE CITY (February 13, 2015) – StoryWorth, a San Francisco start up company that offers an email-based storytelling service, today swept the RootsTech Innovator Showdown, winning both first prize and the People’s Choice award, and claiming a purse of $15,000. RootsTech is the world’s largest family history conference hosted by FamilySearch.


The Innovator Showdown is the first-annual event where entrepreneurs from around the globe presented their web or mobile app on stage in front of a live audience, vying for a total of $25,000 in sponsor-contributed prize money. Each of four finalists presented their ideas in…

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Announcing the 8 Semifinalists for the $25,000 RootsTech Innovator Challenge

We received 51 excellent entries and the competition this year surpassed our expectations. It has been very tough for our judges to make their decisions. We appreciate your patient during the judging process.


After reviewing all entries, are are pleased to announce the eight semifinalists in the $25,000* RootsTech Innovator Challenge:


Argus Search - Google-like full text search in historic and handwritten documents without prior referencing


GenMarketplace - Find experts for your specific family history needs with Dutch auction pricing


HistoryLines.com -  An instant biography for any ancestor: Explore the lifestyles, places and events that impacted…

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Semifinal Judging Process

For all those who made the submission deadline, thank you. You are officially eligible to be considered to receive an award from our $25,000 purse. For those who were unable to submit an app or make our deadline this year, we encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and prepare for the 2016 challenge.


We want to remind you of the judging process. We have an agreement with a third-party for judging, contestant mentoring and the award distribution process. The company we are working with is Grow Utah. Communication about your status in the challenge will…

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UPDATE: Submission Deadline is today at 11:45 PM Mountain Standard Time (US/Can)

We are very excited at the number of entries we've received in the last several hours. With just over 12 hours left (it's 10:51am here), we want to make sure you are aware of the deadline for submissions (if you haven't already).


We've updated the rules and will allow submissions up until 11:45 PM Mountain Standard Time (US/Can).


Please note, this is NOT midnight. This website will no longer allow submissions after 11:45 PM MST. There are no exceptions and no way to work around it after the fact. If you don't have your submission completed and…

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Only 34 hours left to be considered for our $25K challenge

On behalf of the RootsTech Innovator Challenge organizing committee, we want to thank all of you who have had interest in our $25,000 family history challenge. We are getting down to the wire on submissions and want to make sure you have all the information you need to finish.

We want to reiterate how all submissions will be evaluated. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post a question on the discussion board or as a note in your submission. Our team is monitoring these comments closely and will do everything in our power to provide you with a…

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Only 2 days left - we're here to help

Just a reminder that the battle for $25,000 in total cash and prizes begins only when you submit your app for consideration by the deadline WHICH IS IN TWO DAYS!!!! We are excited about the apps that have already been submitted.

There are several exciting new ideas out there that we know the judges will love. But there are several apps still in DRAFT mode. Make sure you submit them by the deadline, Thursday, January 15, 11:45pm MST (we extended the time by 8 hours!)

Got questions? Just hope over to Discussion board and see if we've already answered it. Or…

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Convincing Judges, + Live Event Details

This is the last weekend to prep your submissions.  Please allow me to offer some important, useful tips on this final stretch!

Video to win the hearts of judges

Our judges will go as in-depth in evaluating your app as they feel necessary, but your job is to optimize their first impression.  Use a video to sell them on it, and keep it short and impactful.  Talk about the problem/solution, the market need, as well as your best features. Why users need this and why it is so awesome, not just what it does.

What to expect at the Live RootsTech

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With only 7 days left to submit ...

... does your app matter? 

“Many of us scour libraries, attics, government data, cemetery records, and online sources to learn more about where we come from, hoping that uncovering the stories of the generations before us will give us a better understanding of the people we are today.  We believe this personal history matters, even if we cannot quite explain why.”

  - A.M.B., on the Misfortune of Knowing Blog

With just 7 days left to submit your app in the RootsTech Innovator Challenge, we wanted to let you know that it’s not too late. The apps that you are…

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Birthday App Idea

One idea I don't think anyone has created is a simple FamilySearch API App that would push names, dates, ages if they were still alive and a picture of ancestors on their birthdays. Users could choose to push this feed to Facebook, etc. or receive an email. It could include a link to their Person Page in FamilySearch. It could also be set up as a game: give death date or picture only: guess their age today. Give only the "great-great-n grandfather of [User]" guess their age today. Similar to this you could serve up a simple date-less pedigree and…

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Potentially awesome idea

Potentially awesome idea.  Likely pretty easy.  If I wasn’t an employee (disqualified), I might chase the $25k with this idea.

The Problem
Getting people with the same last name to meet-up and engage in family history can be a challenge. Get this right and you’ll have the attention of the large family history industry players.

The Idea
My brother noticed this on Facebook earlier this year. Teespring.com has had remarkable success getting its partners (internet marketers) to generate significant traffic of people with the same last name!

How do they do it?  They made it easy for resellers to create…

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30 Days Left...More Fodder for Ideas from Get Satisfaction

With 30 days left, we are excited at the number of registrants for the challenge. But time is ticking. And we've heard you loud and clear (from the survey results).


So, if you want more ideas, we've uncovered a GOLDMINE of feedback from FamilySearch users. Take a look at https://getsatisfaction.com/familysearch/ideas/popular and let us know what you think on our discussion page.


Do you have what it takes to take home the grand prize? Maybe one of these ideas will help you bring home the money!!!


* Follow us on Twitter @FSPartnerSrvcs and using the hashtag #InnovatorChallenge

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5 Types of Apps to Consider

The RootsTech Innovator Challenge provides a great opportunity to put your development skills and creativity together to create something cool, to get some great recognition, and to hopefully win some cash too. If you are new to the family history technology space, you may be looking for app ideas and we would like to help.

Here are five types of apps to consider:

1. Data preservation apps. Technology has made it so easy to record and share so many of our life’s details electronically. Millions of pictures and videos are being taken from mobile phones every day. We send much…

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Why family history apps are cool

When Google launched their mapping website in 2005, it didn’t seem to be significantly different from their competitors. In fact, there was pretty stiff competition in the digital mapping market at the time from companies like MapQuest. What wasn’t apparent initially was that Google was offering an API for developers to access this mapping environment programmatically to embed their own data. It wasn’t long before people started creating what was coined “mashups” with sometimes very large and complex sets of data and spreading that information graphically across the map. Now people could visualize all sorts of things from the locations…

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Webinar Recording Now Available

Thank you to all who joined us yesterday for our webinar!

For those who were unable to make this session, the recording is now available. To watch the webinar, visit:

Watch the webinar


During the webinar the following presentation was shared:

RootsTech Innovator Challenge Participant Webinar Presentation


We hope these two resources will inspire ideas and give you direction on creating an award winning app! 

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Webinar at 2:00pm MST Today

Did you get the word? We're providing ideas that could win you $25,000 in our challenge.


Join us for our webinar in 30 minutes. Go online to http://bit.ly/rticwebinar1.

Meeting Number: 996 549 002


Call in Phone Numbers: 

1-801-240-9700 (Local / International)   

1-855-537-4000 (U.S. and Canada Toll-Free)

Access Code: 996 549 002


* This presentation will be recorded and posted here within 24 hours.

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Want help with this challenge? Join the webinar on December 2

Thank you for registering for the RootsTech Innovator Challenge on ChallengePost.com.

To help you get started, on Tuesday, December 2, at 2:00pm MST, we are hosting a webinar for all developers and teams to answer the following questions:

  • Why we are hosting this challenge and what is it all about?
  • Do I have to know anything about family history or genealogy to win this challenge?
  • Is there anything I should know about family history that may help with this challenge?
  • What are some ideas that can help me get started?
  • What tools or resources should I tap in to?


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Need App ideas? Market research deck - Family History Industry

What are the key market opportunities in the Family History space?        

Ten key industry execs were asked a similar question by a NY market research firm in January 2014. This SlideShare deck distills their findings. http://slidesha.re/1HEHcfq


Key Points

Current market value: $4B  Potential market value: $400B

What gaps are holding back these billions?

  • Easier + faster (better UX)
  • Social media appeal (cool stories + pics drive social)
  • More industry collaboration (Trees, Records, APIs, DNA, etc.)

Check out the deck. It includes a lot of details on the 'What' and 'How'.


     "One in 20 are…

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